CURRY WILKINSON | Holiday 2016

Curry has outdone himself once again.  Top notch pots overflow from the shelves.  There's not much else we can say about Curry except that we are super proud of him and all his hard work.  His passion for making ceramics is evident in the high quality of his work.  

JOSEPH SAND | Holiday 2016
This cycle, I explored mixing the sculptural with the functional in my vases.  There are some spectacular examples that I hope you will come out to see in person.  Staying true to my roots, using my favorite ash glaze and blue glaze, I made a wide selection of vases, jars, bowls and plates.  And, just to have a little fun, I made some miniature axes that are adorable and perfect to tuck in on a desk or as a book end.
We hope to see you this weekend and next!