Wheel-thrown, wood fired stoneware dinner plate by Joseph Sand from kiln firing #23. Food safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

Measurements: 10 in. by 1.5 in.

Dinner Plate


    Our ceramics are fired in a 40-foot-long backyard kiln using wood as the fuel source.  We only fire the kiln three times per year.  


    Each item is carefully crafted with the end-user in mind.  The handle is well-placed to allow ample room even for larger hands.  The stoneware is durable and can withstand the dishwasher and microwave.  All of our products are food-safe.


    If the item is damaged or lost during shipment, please contact me to make arrangements.

    If the item does not function as expected, please contact me.

  • Info for International Buyers

    We happily ship internationally, but we need more info so we can figure out the best way to ship to you.  If you need international shipping, please contact us before placing your order.