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Kiln Opening Preview

COVID-19 Update

Our Summer kiln opening will be a combination of in-person and online.  If you will be shopping with us in-person, please bring your mask.  

Shop in-person:

Aug 22nd - 10am to 5pm

Aug 23rd - 1pm to 5pm

Aug 29th - 10am to 5pm

Aug 30th - 1pm to 5pm

Shop online: Store opens Aug 26th @ 7 pm EST

Please enjoy our pottery preview below!

JOSEPH SAND | Summer 2020 | "Earthquake Firing"
Joseph Sand - Aug 2020.jpeg
Well, 2020 just keeps dealing out the challenges...this firing was difficult, to say the least.  First of all, it's the hottest firing for us since it occurs during the summer.  On top of that, we had an EARTHQUAKE!  Yup, who knew.  One of the largest ones felt in NC in a long time (maybe over 100 years ago?), measuring at 5.1M.  Literally, to the minute, the kiln just stopped behaving like usual.  However, it was a blessing in disguise (but if you would have told us that as we struggled and sweat out buckets you would have gotten a major stink eye from the whole crew).  We've been lucky with this kiln.  In the ten years we've been firing it (30 firings now), it's never been a struggle.  It's been predictable.  But, in the year 2020, predictable just doesn't seem to exist.  This kiln, because of the struggle, created really unique glaze action and some beautiful surfaces that probably can't be replicated again.  We always say that you are shopping one-of-a-kind pieces, but, this time, you really won't see these kinds of results again.  We hope you enjoy them!
EAMON ROGERS | Summer 2020 | "Earthquake Firing"
Eamon continues to make lovely pots, showing increasing mastery of forms.  His love of bicycling has spread to our children so we are grateful for his time spent teaching them the basics of riding safely.
WESLEY SMITH | Summer 2020 | "Earthquake Firing"
Wesley was only here for a brief two months, but we hope he will be back after he finishes his senior year at college.  He made some sweet little pots, too.