Our Crew

Joseph Sand with large sculptures - Dec
Joseph Sand

Artist | Potter | Sculptor

An artist since birth, Joseph loves what he does and it shows.  Inspired by the natural world, his pots and sculptures reflect what he sees. 


If he's not working hard in the studio then he's probably in the garden, cultivating exotic iris bulbs or trimming his "life-size" bonsai.

Eamon Rogers - Dec 2019.jpg
Eamon Rogers


Eamon joins us by way of Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA.  

abundance in arcadia-50.jpg
Amanda Sand

Digital & Numerical Guru

Amanda is in charge of most everything for this pottery business other than making pots.  She is a full-time mom of two boys and a bookkeeper for Pittsboro-based non-profit Abundance NC.

Everything digital, from this website to social media to the bookkeeping to our newsletter, is all on her plate.  And, she prefers it that way.