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Our Kilns

The Small Glaze Kiln
(In the Making)

The small kiln is strictly for playing around with glazes.  Colors produced run the spectrum from white to red to black to purple.  We have fun with it, but like any wood fired kiln, it is not always predictable.  

We have two kilns: one large anagama (single-chamber) kiln and a smaller one we call the "glaze kiln."  Both are fired with wood.  

The Big Anagama Kiln
(In the Making)

The anagama is a salt kiln, where we introduce salt into the kiln at the end of a firing, creating a beautiful surface.  


This kiln (including the kiln shed) took three months to build from start to finish.  Over 10,000 bricks are in the kiln, each one placed by hand.  The kiln firing process takes approximately two weeks: four days to load, four days to fire (reaching a maximum temperature of 2500 degrees fahrenheit!) and then a week to cool down.

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