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Kiln Opening Preview

COVID-19 Update

Our Holiday kiln opening will be a virtual/online shopping experience. You will have the option of picking up your online order in person and purchasing additional pottery from our remaining inventory.  We kindly ask that you wear your mask!

Shop online: Store opens Dec 7th @ 7 pm EST

Please enjoy our pottery preview below!

Joseph Sand - Dec 2019 Kiln Firing - Pho
The BLUE firing.  Those of you that are familiar with my more recent work know that I've been playing around with the color blue.  My favorite glaze creates unpredictable shades of it, from almost opaque (with hints of lavender), to vibrant blue.  Mix in some slips and a glaze we haven't used in a while, and we now are seeing vibrant cobalt blue and a creamy, chun blue show up on my work.  Blue can be bold or it can be light and soothing.  It's a great color to work with.  This firing definitely didn't disappoint.  This was a blue firing to remember.  And, we are grateful for it because it makes up for the difficult firing we had in August ("Earthquake Firing").  Each firing is unforgettable, but this one, especially, was a good one.  We appreciate you and all your support.  Without it, 2020 could have been a very tough year.  Please continue to show love to your favorite small businesses.  We will need it now more than ever.  
EAMON ROGERS | Holiday 2020
Eamon continues to strengthen his ceramic skills in the workshop.  This cycle he helped us do some glaze testing that is looking very promising.  We are looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!
Joseph's Preview
Eamon's Preview
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