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Kiln Opening Preview

Shop in-person:

Saturday, Dec 4 - 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday, Dec 5 - 1 pm to 5 pm

Saturday, Dec 11 - 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday, Dec 12 - 1 pm to 5 pm

Please enjoy our pottery preview below!

JOSEPH SAND | Holiday 2021
Joseph Sand with his two children, Owen and Jacob | December 2021
The children, despite whatever emotion is on their faces in the photo, were very excited to be involved in the firing this year.  Every year they are the first ones to place wood into the kiln, sort of our "good luck charm." A blessing of the kiln, in a way.  On the last day of the firing, they awake at the same time as Joseph, before sunrise, eat their Mini Wheats, don their Carhartt coveralls and jackets and set out to side stoke alongside Joseph.  It's really awesome to have them witness the full process and participate in the hard work that is involved to take a pot from raw clay to finished piece.

As we close on 2021, we are also saying goodbye to our apprentice, Eamon Rogers.  This was his last production cycle with us.  Make sure to get a few pieces of his.  They really are nice this firing.  We are excited to see where his pottery journey takes him.  Next stop: STARworks.  It's where we get our clay, so we'll have an inside guy to help source our materials.

This cycle, we also had two short-term apprentices, Ira and Poem.  We enjoyed having them both around.  They are excited to share their pots with you at the kiln opening.

As far as our pots, this really is the firing of Seabreeze, our new soft green glaze.  You'll see it on quite a few mugs, vases, and jars.  It's a fun one to play with, showing hints of purple, white and even a random copper pops on a few.

As always, we are ever grateful for your support.  To get to 34 firings is an accomplishment.  And you are the reason why we continue to do this.  So, thank you.

~ Joseph, Amanda, Owen, & Jacob
EAMON ROGERS | Holiday 2021
It's Eamon's last production cycle with us, y'all.  It's always a bittersweet time to say goodbye to someone who has, basically, been adopted into our family since Day 1.  What Eamon has accomplished since he first arrived with us, not having made pots in a while and a bit shaky, to really having a firm grasp on control of form and honing his eye for design, is really awesome.  We are proud of him, grateful for all his hard work, and can't wait to see what he does next as he continues to expand his skillset in the world of ceramics.  He's headed off to STARworks, but we hope to still have him as part of our firing crew, so he's not getting away that easy!
Joseph's Preview
Eamon's Preview
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