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Kiln Opening Preview

Joseph Sand with "bitty" big pot.JPG
Despite working for myself, I am surrounded by community.  Running a pottery business is largely a solo endeavor, but there are many aspects that require another person or several people. When it comes time to load and fire the kiln, I have the help of at least 3-4 people for loading and another 8-10 people when firing (over the course of 3 days).  But, in the workshop, I usually only have the help of one.  I realized at the start of this spring production cycle (when I usually make big pots) that I would be without that help.  Alan, our previous apprentice, felt ready to move on to his next adventure and so December was his last kiln opening with us.  The big pot creation requires a second person to help move and support clay slabs while I work them into a shape and again when it comes time to move the piece to the drying area.  Without apprentice help, I needed to make "bitty" big pots, which could be moved by myself, and sometimes with a little bit of Amanda's assistance.  This challenge turned out to be a blessing in that it forced me to do something a bit outside of my routine.  I think you'll really like the size of these as they do seem more approachable and accessible.  I'm sure you'll see more of these "bitty" big pots being made in the future.
As we always seem to tout, our firings just keep getting better and better.  The platters this go-around are stunning and there are PLENTY of blue mugs, too.  We always seem to run out of those so I hope there's enough for everyone this time.
We are incredibly grateful to all of our friends and our community who continue to support us.  Without you this wouldn't be possible and I don't take it for granted.
JOSEPH SAND | Spring 2019
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