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Kiln Opening Preview

COVID-19 Update

Our Spring pottery sale is now virtual.  It wasn't an easy decision to make, but we felt it was important for the health and safety of our family and our community.

To shop with us, we have our online shop open starting May 6th and also the option to shop with us virtually using a video chat platform from May 7th - May 10th.

Please enjoy our pottery preview below!

Important Dates

Sun, May 3rd @ 7pm EST - Facebook Live Preview

Sun, May 3rd @ 10am EST - Online store open for preview only

Mon, May 4th @ 7pm EST - Instagram Live Preview

Wed, May 6th @ 10am EST - Online store open

Well, what can I say about 2020 so far...whatever I said in January about 2019 I take it all back.  Our lives have changed completely.  I don't have much to lament on, really.  So, let's focus on the beautiful things that we can control: creating community, supporting small business, and being kind to one another.  Now, more than ever before, small businesses need your support.  And, by you choosing to support our tiny little speck of a business you are making a direct impact.  You are supporting me as an artist (and validating what I continue to do everyday) and also supporting our family.  Your dollar is powerful right now.  And, we are grateful!
JOSEPH SAND | Spring 2020
EAMON ROGERS | Spring 2020
Eamon Rogers - Dec 2019.jpg
Last season's photo of Eamon...but new pots!  Eamon continues to improve on his skills and we really enjoy having his uplifting spirit around.  Thanks, Eamon, for working so hard!
Joseph's Preview
Eamon's Preview
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