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Kiln Opening Preview

Alan Perillo - Aug 2018
ALAN PERILLO | Summer 2018

Alan is just a rockstar.  Efficient and focused in the workshop, he is meticulous with the all-important details.  His pots turned out beautifully with some really exceptional pieces that exemplify his ever-increasing skillset.  Way to go, Alan!

After we had a full stack of shelves collapse during the loading of the kiln, basically losing all of our dinner plates and many platters (insert sad face), the rest of the kiln loading and firing went smoothly.  The pots turned out gorgeous, which is both happy and sad.  Sad because of what we lost.  The few plates and platters that made it through the firing are spectacular.  We pause a moment to contemplate what could have been....but celebrate what we have now.
JOSEPH SAND | Summer 2018
Joseph's Preview
Apprentice Preview
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