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Kiln Opening Preview

Shop in-person:

Saturday, August 27 - 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday, August 28 - 1 pm to 5 pm

Please enjoy our pottery preview below!

JOSEPH SAND | Summer 2022
What a whirlwind production cycle.  A lot of energy and time was focused on the creation of a series of large sculptures that will serve as a memorial to a friend of ours, Dr. Joseph Bonaventura.  He was a Professor Emeritus of Marine Science and Conservation at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC.  The set of sculptures will be permanently installed at the Marine Lab campus.  These sculptures were created collaboratively with our friends, Joe's daughter, Marina, and grandson, Ira.  The exquisite carvings on the sculptures you will see in the preview were done by this duo.  Their talents really help the pieces shine and I hope there will be more opportunities to collaborate in the future!

This kiln opening preview also features a handful of early pots from our personal collection (even from the 1st firing!) that we are releasing out into the world.  These special pieces are ready to go to new homes!
Wesley Smith | Summer 2022
Wesley made some pretty special pots this cycle, playing with form and glaze.  His spirit of exploration holds true in his works this cycle.  Great job, Wesley!
Wesley Smith
Pitchers and Vases by Wesley Smith
Joseph's Preview
Apprentice Preview
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