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An Ax a Day

Joseph and Curry peeking into the cooling kiln

Last friday we unloaded the kiln. It's always an anxious time for us. Three months of solid production time for two people, four days of loading, four days of firing, five days of cooling and 4 hours unloading. The big reveal is highly anticipated by all. We usually invite people to come and watch the kiln fire on the last day, but we never have visitors on unloading day. Too nerve-wracking, fear of the kiln load being less than mediocre, rough work conditions, fragile, untidied pots strewn everywhere.

View of the front stack of pots in the kiln

It seems like we say this after every firing, but this one may have been our best yet. The 17th firing of this kiln was beautiful and finished without a hitch. I think as Joseph's work morphs, meandering down paths not yet paved with these new slab sculptures and axes, our anxiety and excitement increases. It's awesome to see the artistic process, especially from a person (me) who is not an artist.

Joseph created some phenomenal works this go-around, including these axes. He decided to mount them on slate this time, which just adds another dimension to each piece. If someone wants it as a garden accent piece or a mantel decoration, either way, it will be a show-stopper.

Owen with ax grouping
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