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An unlikely visitor

Luna Moth (photo credit: Jay Huggins on Flickr)

The other night I was visited by a Luna Moth. I stayed up late (like really late, as in 1am late) to work on taxes and I heard a loud fluttering at the window. In my half-asleep state I feared a burglar or some other creature trying to enter my house. It took me a second to register what form of visitor I had. I was mesmerized for at least 10 minutes, watching it furiously thrash at the window, doing as any other moth would do. I wish it would have sat still for just one moment so I could really appreciate its beauty. They are stunning creatures and I've never seen a live one (only dead ones mounted behind glass). They are my favorite color of green, silky, and mysterious. Apparently, they only live for a week and during that whole week they are unable to eat because they have no mouth. They are only alive long enough to recreate. They live for love. And, not one to miss signs from the universe, I thanked my visitor, shut off the computer for the night and snuggled up next to Jacob in bed, listened to his breath, smelled his sweet scent, and watched his angelic face as he smiled at something in his dreams...probably a puppy.

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