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I hate breakfast

I hate breakfast. I'm not sure why, but I always have. Maybe it's because I'm not a "get up and go" kinda person. I don't have spunk in my step first thing in the morning. It takes me a while, and with kiddos that wake before I like to open my eyes to the light of the day, I usually start off fairly grumpy. So, after feeding the kids, I finally get to feed myself.

Pinterest to the rescue. I pin A LOT of recipes, and I happened to see a lot of pins coming across my screen referring to an "avocado toast." I love avocado and I love easy. This totally fit the bill.

Avocado toast and avocado smash with egg and feta

Avocado Toast with Feta and Avocado Smash with egg and Sriracha.




Sriracha (optional)

Feta (optional)

Salt & Pepper

Get two slices of bread and toast. Meanwhile, cook one egg in whatever style you like. I would recommend over-easy so you can use the bread to soak up the yummy golden yolk. While egg is cooking, cut avocado into slices and top a warm slice of toasted bread. You could drizzle olive oil or not. Add feta and freshly cracked black pepper. Top the other slice with avocado smash followed by an egg style of your choosing, salt, cracked black pepper, and sriracha. Devour.

I used one of those honkin' huge avocados out of Florida. Have you seen those? They're the size of grapefruits and you could easily get a couple of breakfast sessions out of just one. The flavor was more mild and sweet as compared to the typical avocado you get in the store. Either one works just fine for this, just make sure it's ripe!

The feta was a last minute addition and its saltiness offset the sweetness of the avocado nicely. And, as for the Sriracha, I must admit, I was hesitant to even add it. As a full-blooded Scandinavian, I'm leary of spicy things. But, it, along with the black pepper, was exactly what this needed to give more dimension to the egg.

Speaking of the egg, it was supposed to be sunny side up, but when you're simultaneiously making breakfast for an impatient toddler and a grump, sick three year old, things get missed. Cooking is all about time management, something my husband would say I'm terrible at (hey, blame it on the undiagnosed ADD I'm pretty certain I have!). That being said, this breakfast was quick and delicious, and oh so satisfying. I'm not afraid of eating healthy fats, and this certainly won't disappoint.

Just finish it off with a big Sriracha smile; it will give you the same joy as Mickey Mouse pancakes, but waaaaay spicier ;)




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