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February's "What's in Bloom"

As many of you know, Joseph has a blossoming (ha ha) love for gardening. We really do have an awesome amount of greenery around the property and it's a shame that you all can't just pop over here to view it anytime to see (and smell) what's in bloom. So, what better way to share the floral love than via a monthly journal. This should take us at least to October...

As you may have noticed, it is March, and I'm talking about February. Well, I took these pictures in February. Then, all of us caught a nasty bug or two and, so, here we are! March 10th, on the eve of another NC weather prediction forecasting snow over the weekend. I hope the weather doesn't damage what is already growing, but I fear the worst. Temps are going to get below freezing several nights in a row. We don't have enough bedsheets to cover everything that is in bloom, so we'll start with the blueberries and go from there.

I promise I will try my darndest to be more timely about posting in the future.


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